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Aqua Fitness

Try an aquafit class! Improve cardiovascular health with in-water exercises.

Dance Fitness

Have a blast and bust a move with dance workout programs like Zumba and Pound fitness.

General Fitness

Interval training, stretching and aerobics classes along with specialized fitness programs at various locations.

Health & 50+

Reflect and relax with programs and workshops including Move for your Health programs for injury and illness recovery.

Pilates & Core

Ready to work on that vital core strength? Pilates can not be beat for fun and effective core building and flexibility.


Get ready for biking season with a spin class – a fun and intense workout to help burn calories and build stamina.

Tai Chi

Find your centre in these "meditation in motion" courses.


Find a yoga practice to suit your needs. Enhance your mindfulness, balance and posture.